For a very long time, salmon fishing in the river "Lagan" has been an important part of living in Laholm. Kings, clergymen and commoners battled over the salmon fishing rights. By the end of the 19th century, 20-30 tons of salmon were caught annually. At the big falls "Karsefors", east of Laholm up to 150 salmon were being caught every day. However, when the hydroelectric power plant went into production at the beginning of the 20th century, the spawning grounds disappeared and hence the salmon were lost. To compensate for this, the power company founded a salmon plant in Laholm. A modern salmon plant that releases approximately 90 000 smolt into the river Lagan every year.

Fishing is a popular sport on the riverbanks of Lagan. Reel fishing is the most common, however, parts of the river are well suited for fly-fishing. The total distance from the power plant to the mouth of the river is 8 km.

In the spring, the salmon start travelling upstream and as early as the end of April you might catch a beautiful salmon! In the autumn, fishing is truly spectacular. Many fish weigh 7-8 kg, but there are specimens of up to 14 kg.

The season begins on the 1st of March and ends on the 14th of October.

Only those with a season-ticket allowed between March 1-7th and
October 1-14th!



King of Salmon 2019 - Rasmus Jensen.
King of Salmon 2019 - Rasmus Jensen.
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It was a windy Laxadagen yesterday. Twenty salmon were weighed in at Rökeriet in the afternoon, and the winner was Rolle Hertsgård with his catch of 8.25 kg.

1. Rolle Hertsgård 8,25 kg
2. Palush Marku 7,07 kg
3. Niklas Nielsen 6,29 kg

Vladimir 6,27 kg
Søren Rønnehøj 6,01 kg
Mats Carlsson 5,98 kg
Hysen Sefa 5,80 kg
Isac Jeppsson 5,79 kg
Julieta Tjäder 5,48 kg
Harri Halme 5,23 kg
Frederick Augustsen 4,39 kg
Rolle Hertsgård 4,13 kg
Samiil Custovic 3,53 kg
Christel Pettersson 3,52 kg
Marica Zoric 3,39 kg
Mats Pettersson 1,80 kg
Max Kepeller 1,73 kg
Zubeyr Muric 1,59 kg
Frederick Augustsen 1,45 kg
Peter Ring 1,40 kg

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Richard Urbas.
Richard Urbas.

Congratulations to till Richard Urbas who caught this year's first salmon in Lagan.
7,7 kg och 90 cm.

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This year's Laxakung is... are actually two people, as they had the same weight on their catches. They both weighed 12.6 kg. Rolle Hertsgård and Stig Augustsen each receive a diploma and season-license for the 2019 season.

The winner in the draw among reported catches was Kurt Andersen with his salmon catch at 5 kg and 82 cm, caught in Åmot 2018-09-03. He also receives a season-license.

The winners will be contacted at a later date.


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Catches 2024

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Photo contest

Winner 2023, with this beautiful photo, was Benjamin Hellström.

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