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Starting in 2020, you can also buy your fishing license for Lagan through iFiske.

Buy your license here.

OBS! If you've got any questions regarding buying from iFiske, or you've accidently made a wrong purchase from iFiske, you must contact iFiske as soon as possible.
You can reach them at


Season license 1600 SEK
3-day fishing license 900 SEK
1-day fishing license 300 SEK
1-day fishing license (flounder) 200 SEK (sold from October 15th, at some resellers)

Children and youth under the age of 18, fish for free.

Laholms Sportfiske
Bagareliden 5
312 30 Laholm
Phone: +46(0)430-123 34

Laholms Turistbyrå
Teckningsmuseet, Hästtorget
312 30 Laholm
Phone: +46(0)430-154 50
(Does not sell flounder license)

Laholms Vandrarhem
Tivolivägen 4
312 30 Laholm
Phone: +46(0)430-133 18
(Does not sell flounder license)

Ängelholmsvägen 26
312 34 Laholm
Phone: +46(0)430-106 00

Lilla Tjärby Livs & Camping
Tjärbyvägen 6
312 35 Laholm
Phone: +46(0)430-143 90

Mellbystrands Camping
Norra Strandvägen 1
312 60 Mellbystrand
Phone: +46(0)430-285 85
(Does not sell flounder license)

ICA Maxi Mellbystrand
Söderleden 1
312 61 Mellbystrand
Phone: +46(0)430-782 00

Wittlock Sportfiske
Bohusgatan 3
302 38 Halmstad
Tfn: +46(0)35-21 21 91
(Does not sell flounder license)

With reservation for changes.


Only fishing licenses bought from the places mentioned on this page and on iFiske, are valid for fishing in Lagan FVO.

Remember to check the water flow before buying a
1-day- or 3-day fishing license.