For a very long time, salmon fishing in the river "Lagan" has been an important part of living in Laholm. Kings, clergymen and commoners battled over the salmon fishing rights. By the end of the 19th century, 20-30 tons of salmon were caught annually. At the big falls "Karsefors", east of Laholm up to 150 salmon were being caught every day. However, when the hydroelectric power plant went into production at the beginning of the 20th century, the spawning grounds disappeared and hence the salmon were lost. To compensate for this, the power company founded a salmon plant in Laholm. A modern salmon plant that releases approximately 90 000 smolt into the river Lagan every year.

Fishing is a popular sport on the riverbanks of Lagan. Reel fishing is the most common, however, parts of the river are well suited for fly-fishing. The total distance from the power plant to the mouth of the river is 8 km.

In the spring, the salmon start travelling upstream and as early as the end of April you might catch a beautiful salmon! In the autumn, fishing is truly spectacular. Many fish weigh 7-8 kg, but there are specimens of up to 14 kg.

The season begins on the 1st of March and ends on the 14th of October.

Only those with a season-ticket allowed between March 1-7th and
October 1-14th!



Matti Andersson, Anne Katrine Corfitz and Rodolfo "RODDE".
Matti Andersson, Anne Katrine Corfitz and Rodolfo "RODDE".

Despite an extremely hot and dry summer this year, this year's Laxadag became one of the better. 20 salmons were weighed in at Rökeriet yesterday.

This year's winner is Rodolfo "RODDE". Congratulations!
Rodolfo RODDE 8,764 kg
Anne Katrine Corfitz 8,505 kg
Matti Andersson 7,517 kg

Roland Henriksson 6,947 kg
Kent Hansson 5,922 kg
Tonni Møller 5,813 kg
Göran Andersson 5,671 kg
Jonas Malmgren 5,007 kg
Thomas Sørensen 3,954 kg
Guszman Calin 3,485 kg
Patrik Andersson 3,439 kg
Tomas Mitan 3,326 kg
Mikael Svensson 2,902 kg
Marcus Willman 2,661 kg
Stefan Eriksson 2,614 kg
Josef Vacilcin 2,343 kg
Nicki Fogh 2,259 kg
Ashkan Akbari 2,175 kg
Tomas Mitan 1,975 kg
Nicki Fogh 1,802 kg

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